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For those who never get tired of travelling, but always find their way back home #Calligaris

Home is the place where your emotions grow.

Home is the place where it’s never your fault, nevermind what happens.

Home is the place where you are free to break the rules.

Home is the place where it’s always Sunday, because you don’t need a reason to celebrate.

Talking about design and furniture, home is always the core subject, that’s why Calligaris decides to start from here, from this home feeling. This feeling is what makes an ordinary place a familiar environment where one can feel protected and at ease. Free.

My Home becomes the new company pay-off and starts writing a new chapter in the long book of Calligaris history. Since 1923 Calligaris has entered the customers’ houses with the purpose of creating the best design to meet their taste. The main goal has always been the creation of a tailor made environment thanks to a great variety of products and a big range of possibilities among materials, fabrics, colours, so that people can really feel free to be themselves at home.

This simple but clear message is at the basis of the new ADV campaign, where everyday life becomes a new story to tell. The images show everyday common situations in different house environments using a friendly, new, unexpected tone: they explain what we feel in our home and why the home is always everyone’s favorite destination.

The Calligaris logo has now a warmer color, changing the red tone from the old bright one to a deep and intense embrace. The shops will be redecorated following these new tones, acquiring the elegance and welcoming atmosphere of dark grey color. The result is a luxurious, but Pop environment, perfectly in line with the brand’s DNA. Calligaris has always supported a POP design style, which is in fashion without getting old, globally trendy without the need to change according to passing fads.

The brand speaks a high level language made of quality materials & Italian design: these features make it glamorous even beyond the Italian borders. It is popular and democratic, because everyone has the possibility to change home in a place where you can breathe the beauty of things. The re-branding takes inspiration from this concept, aiming at being ranked among high level design makers, but creating an affordable paradise, dedicated to those that find the real luxury in everyday emotions.

Furthermore, the website has been renewed: it now offers high resolution images and helps users to select the most suitable models. How? By means of a 3D configurator that allows a clear view of the chosen model in all different available options: the customer can choose the fabric or colour that best meet the personal need and taste. The new website has an editorial approach: Calligaris added a blog section where suggestions, news and curiosities about the world of design are to be found….among other interesting things, because the goal is exploring home living in all forms. 

But that’s not all! During the coming Salone del Mobile fair, Calligaris will present a new app – only available for IOS devices – that exploits augmented reality. It enables to virtually locate an item inside a house, in order to understand if the colour or the size is the right one for that particular environment. As a matter of fact, the app reproduces the real dimension of the item, so there is no need to just imagine it: dreams can really be seen as they become true!

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