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Calligaris @ClerkenwellDesignWeek 2018

2018 marks the 95 years of furniture making in Calligaris. The new collection was featured during the Clerkenwell Design week held in Design Fields. showcasing new chairs & armchairs, dining tables & coffee tables, sofas & a variety of furnishing accessories

The Calligaris Contract range was founded in 2008, catering furniture specially for hotels & restaurants. Its customization is key, giving the complete freedom to match shapes textures & materials to create individual pieces designed to bring the luxuries of the home to the contract market.

Year after year, Calligaris products are increasingly appreciated for their functionality & beauty, among other things, to designers who skillfully interpret through, ever-changing forms, the company's contemporary spirit and great manufacturing experience. The products for 2018 are, as always, very diverse, catering to the different lifestyles of the modern world.

The new collection features padded chairs & armchairs, dining tables & coffee tables, sofas and a variety of furnishing accessories, including a rich selection of mirrors. However during the Clerkenwell Design week, a hand few was selected to be shown. Taking center stage was the glamorous Coco chair, Also on display is the bestselling Fifties & Igloo.

Find out more : https://www.clerkenwelldesignweek.com/cdw-design-factory/calligaris/

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