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Alias presents Trigono at Salone del Mobile The new collection designed by Michele De Lucchi

The combination of craftsmanship and technology embodies the vision of Alias, which Michele De Lucchi interprets masterfully, since it matches his modus operandi. Tangible shape to the perfection of this dualism is given by trigono, a project stemming from the longstanding collaboration between Alias and the designer.

If De Lucchi may be seen as the epitome of the contemporary homo faber, his sofa embodies the most diversified skills, arts and knowhow. Manufacturing expertise is interpreted by the visible wooden structure, technological excellence finds expression in the refined way the themes of light weight and sturdiness are explored, and the artistic component is revealed by the emotional experience born of an astounding shape.

The confluence of different geometries, the interplay of solid and empty volumes characterise trigono, whose appearance changes constantly depending on the point of view of the observer. It is an architecture consisting of two side stands, a central beam and a system of belts supporting the cushions. The seat is suspended and cantilevered from the structure. Rich with details, trigono is the outcome of sophisticated technical solutions and unwavering attention to detail, such as having the fabric of the cushions appear in the bands that support the back, forming a refined laminar pattern.

The collection consists of two sofas, 2- and 3- seater, and an armchair. The arm is provided by a cushion stabilised with ballast.

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