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Alias ​​is the protagonist of the exhibition Le Mobilier d'architectes 1960/2020

Alias ​​is the protagonist of the exhibition Le Mobilier d'architectes 1960/2020 with the second, the iconic chair by Mario Botta and laleggera by Riccardo Blumer

Alias, a brand of excellence made in Italy design, celebrates its forty years with a rich calendar of cultural events including an important presence at the  Le Mobiler d'Architectes 1960/2020 exhibition , on stage until September 30th Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine of Paris. Through collections of furnishing elements, lamps and objects signed by the most renowned names in architecture of the last sixty years, the exhibition tells the experience of the masters with the decorative arts, in a process of creative contamination that translates on a reduced scale the themes of the design of impressive works. In this context, two Alias ​​icons perfectly fit:  second one  designed by Mario Botta, and  laleggera  by Riccardo Blumer. Second  is a small architecture that echoes the language of the Ticino architect's buildings: the pure geometric solids cut with extreme precision, the perforated surfaces, the monumental cracks intersect with each other in a wonderful play of contrasts that draws an empty volume, almost abstract, in which to sit.  Maximum expression of research and

technology,  laleggera  chair is the result of the encounter between a solid traditional material, solid wood, and the most contemporary and light polyurethane foam of which the structure is filled. A simple and essential sign. A handy, resistant and stackable seat that combines visual and structural lightness. The second  and  laleggera  chairs  are icons of Italian design that reveal the approach to Alias's project in an exemplary way. Creativity and cutting-edge technological research come together to create free interpretations of living.  As well as the other 300 designer pieces exhibited in the Parisian museum, the Alias ​​seats interact with the spaces of what is the most extensive architecture center in the world, giving rise to an unprecedented dialogue between the design objects and the permanent collections of the museum.   

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