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Alias @ClerkenwellDesignWeek 2018

Alias, historic Italian design company, takes the stage in London at the Clerkenwell Design Week!, from 22 to 24 May 2018.

Alias returns to play a leading role at major design events by taking part in the Clerkenwell Design Week, in a Design Fields pavilion, next to the lively Exmouth market. Triggering a dialogue between design culture and business, historic and avant-garde design concepts, the London fair confirms yet again its role as an event showcasing the best in the design sector, and assigns Alias a prominent space where to recounts the value and beauty of high quality Made-in-Italy creations. On stand DF12, Alias presents a selection of products, carefully arranged within an essential installation designed to highlight the peculiar characteristics of each piece.

Alias ​​retraces the evolution of interior design, presenting the kobi chairs by Patrick Norguet, bigframe and rollingframe 52, winner of the prestigious RED DOT AWARD award, by Alberto Meda, taormina by Alfredo Haeberli and laleggera by Riccardo Blumer. The slim chairs and the highen sofa by PearsonLloyd enrich the show.

CLERKENWELL DESIGN WEEK 22-24 MAY 2018 Spa Fields, Northampton Road EC1R 0DF Opening hours: 10: 00-21: 00

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