As its name suggests, this delicate, colourful collection of poufs was inspired by windmills. The curved forms and wedges of colour can form small or large islands. A museum in Lille has chosen Windmill to provide seating for its guests and it is almost as much of a work of art as the masterpieces on the walls.

This design was originally created as a stand-alone, but now it has given rise to an entire family of circular upholstered pieces, inspired by a sense of movement and an original concept of a seating island. The curved shape invites the sitter to make dynamic, informal use of It. Available in three forms: from the pout, with a diameter of 60 cm. to the Islands, measuring 110cm and 180 cm, all subdivided into rainbow or tone-on-tone segments. The wooden frame is padded with non-deformable variable-density polyurethane foam, and finished in polyester fibre. In addition to the two fabrics selected for the multicolour and tone-on-tone versions, WIndmill can also be produced using any of the fabrics in the La Cividina collection.

  • Designer

    Constance Guisset - 2014


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