With similarities to a saxophone, the Loch Ness Monster or a cornucopia, the basic element that makes up the Swing light is an elegant surface-worked glass that adds a wonderful dynamism and amazing attention-capturing presence to this collection. Supported by thin steel cables that are fixed to the thin chrome ceiling structure or directly to the ceiling, these elements produce gently curving and swaying circular shapes (six models available in this style) or a free-form shape (two models, without ceiling support). The latter are extremely versatile as they can be placed side by side in order to form long rows of elements that can be positioned as desired: a flexible swaying composition, a more linear and ordered arrangement, or anywhere in between. The light is projected onto the elements by powerful dimmable LEDspotlights, which are fitted into the ceiling support in the circular models. In the free-form models, the spotlights are included in a thin chrome tube which can be installed where desired. Furthermore, the circular models have an opalescent luminous surface that contributes to the ambient light. All light sources are included.

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    Barovier&Toso - 2017

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