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Colourful, stackable and functional, the SKIN stool speaks a minimalist language with its simple yet sophisticated design – an indispensable addition to any home. Durable yet lightweight thanks to the innovative air-moulding technology, a process that ensures exceptional strength combined with reduced product weight. The highly durable polypropylene feet are shockproof and interchangeable. Made out of polypropylene, it comes complete with footrest and can also be used outdoors. 
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  • Designer

    Archirivolto: Dondoli and Pocci

    In 1983 Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci founded Archirivolto, their studio of industrial design, design and architecture. They focus on the research of materials and the study of processes.

    ARCHIRIVOLTO DESIGN has become an authoritative reference point for many lovers of design and architecture. 
    Addressing the challenges of a changing world, their formula for success is never to forget their roots and be ready to open new avenues.

    During the past two years they have internationalized their activities and received the iF Design Award in 2011 and the Interior Innovation Award in 2012.

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