Stool made from a single block of aromatic cedar that is a representation of a large cork used in Champagne bottles. The products are made from completely natural wood, hand-finished without the addition of any treatment. Movements, cracks and changes in the appearance of the wood are intrinsic characteristics of these items and result from the natural settlement and diverse environmental conditions.


Majestic logs of scented cedarwood, fallen due to natural events or cut down for programmed schedule, are the start point for the working process of this precious wood which is shaped by using CNC machineries with 5- and 6-axis. An innovative technology which transforms a raw log into a design object with a peculiar and unmistakable scent, and afterwards is sanded and finished by hand.

  • Designer

    Isabelle Rigal 

    Interior design for the preparation of surface and expositive stand, factory’s restoration, planning of buildings and private residence, restaurant, boutiques and points of sale of big stocks in collaboration with architecture’s studio. Teacher of design at IDEA institute of Paris. Designer, forniture’s designer and art director collaborating with industrial group and international fittings’ firms in the planning of design’s objects for household and for the community and realized unique pieces reserved for art gallery and private clients.


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