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Model CREAM chair, with frame in solid beech wood and seat/backrest in 100% recyclable polypropylene.
Thanks to a cleverly designed interlocking mechanism - with concealed screws - and the use of traditional and modern materials - wood and plastic - that combine harmoniously, the chair is lightweight and easy to move. The slightly curved backrest and contoured seat provide the right comfort. We recommend it for convivial moments to share with friends or family. Available in various colours and finishes, choose it in the combination you prefer.

  • Designer

    MrSmith Studio

    The Milanese design company MrSmith Studio was founded in 2005 and rapidly became highly renowned in the design sector for its ability to offer industrial, packaging, lighting, furniture and graphic solutions.

    Its broad sectoral knowledge enabled it to create a team of highly qualified professionals coming from different backgrounds and with diverse credentials who pool their knowledge and viewpoints to achieve outstanding results.

    What MrSmith Studio mainly focuses on is the relationship between brand and the final customer. With immense experience and an impassioned approach, the company works to build up the right rapport, leveraging motivation and strengthening brand awareness.

    A management-run enterprise with a strong design mindset fostering a seamless organisation which is able to exceed customer expectations.

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