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Connubia Calligaris: is a new brand from the world renowned Italian furniture company Calligaris S.P.A. Featuring both new and classic pieces from there illustrious history. In keeping with the essential principles of its founding company, Connubia Calligaris subtly merges functionality and high-quality materials to create a well designed range of everyday contemporary and classic designs.

  • Product description

    Connubia is the product line dedicated to the “essentials” of Calligaris manufacturing: tables and chairs, brought to the highest level of excellence and depth of range. The name comes from the Latin “conubium” (marriage, bond). It expresses the natural link between the company and its products and their bringing together in an original and unique combination. Connubia is the harmony between the products and the person who chooses them, marrying them to his/her own taste and style. The brand is the form and essence of this harmonic bond.

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