• Alberto Pavanello

PENTA LIGHT partner with VOGUE Thailand.

PENTA LIGHT partner with VOGUE Thailand for Vogue Support Project presenting a limited edition of Je Suis designed by Carlo Colombo. Vogue Support Project was inspired by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s SUPPORT Foundation, established in 1970 during a time of great strife when a flood destroyed rice crops, the mainstay of northeastern economy, and caused widespread misery to millions.

For generations, women in the northeast have hand woven silk for daily wear. With this in mind, and to lessen the deprivation caused by the flood, the Queen founded the SUPPORT Foundation to encourage women to supplement their livelihood by weaving silk fabrics in which Her Majesty is herself a loyal patron. To this day, the SUPPORT Foundation not only kept alive the rare craft of Ikat silk, but Thai silk has become a thriving industry and source of income and national pride for many impoverished, rural Thai women.

As Vogue seeks to continue bringing traditional Thai silk to the international stage, this year Penta Light with its masterpiece Je Suis, designed by Carlo Colombo has been part of this journey with a limited edition version Covered with Thai silk sourced and supplied from the Queen’s SUPPORT Foundation.



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