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LaCividina New collection 19

From the soft, full-bodied lines of Nap to the organic influences behind Suiseki and Keisho. From the ethereal lightness of Filinea to the sculpturesque minimalism of U. Details are at the heart of every story. We're going to start telling the tale of the new creations at the 2019 Salone del Mobile by revealing some of the details of products designed with Andrea Steidl, Antonino Sciortino and Lanzavecchia + Wai.

NAP Sofa

Cosy composure

A place to take a break, Designed by Andrea Steidl for LaCividina NAP showcases LaCividina’s outstanding craftsmanship. The seams are designed to give even more of a plump appearance and highlight the softness of the “pillow-like” hence NAP


Natural qualities;

Suiseki: An extremely flexible collection of modular padded seating Designed by Andrea Steidl for LaCividina. It draws heavily on nature and almost geological volumes as sources of inspiration.

KEISHO table

Inspired by nature;

Keisho is another creation that is inspired by natural and organic forms. Originally conceived to complement the Suiseki collection, this table has developed into the ideal accessory for all LaCividina sofas. As its name suggests, the origins of its simple yet sophisticated style lie in stones that time and the elements have shaped into sculptural forms.


Filinea chair ... Botanical inspiration;

Designed by Antonino Sciortino for LaCividina The original idea for the Filinea armchair came from the distinctive appearance of euphorbia tirucalli trees, which are very widespread in the South of Italy

U Table

Miniature architecture;

U is a collection of tables of various heights and sizes by Lanzavecchia + Wai, who are two of the most interesting talents on the international design scene. Its main distinctive feature is a U-shaped support whose soft curves also inspired the rounded appearance of the tops. The latter come in three shapes: square or rectangular with rounded corners, and circular.

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